Hello, leadway cloud retail

       3-5 steps to complete setup and configurations for the whole system, and system provide guide for user easy to manage multi-barcode products, inventory, warehouse, procurement and sales. Onmi channel CRM, already integrated with wechat make possible for member enjoy self service, access promotion and e-coupons. Online store and physical store can both managed by cloud system, it make you great success in O2O practice. Easy to use, easy to manage, easy to success in leadway super retail system.

Test User(username:demo,password:demo1234)


cluster with efficient micro-service to support more changeable business, make flexible to meet the challenge from market


We connect everything in Cloud system, help retailers promise customer to have same price, same discount, same reward and same coupon wherever online and offline. Because in leadway cloud, everything is in real time.

Sales-win rate up,Operation-importace is efficiencyWork Tool-great tool make perfect work

easier to use cloud ERP, think more for you and earn more for you!


combine with different modulesto support business flexibility

enterprise management- to support stores cross industry and mix organization chart
CRM-customer central system,make client be served since initial to be protential,then to be real customer. system help to monitor the whole life cycle of customer,such as contract,invoice,schedule,payment.
sales-quotation builder make easy to trace all the commercial steps in business,including quotation,PO,delivery,invoice,contract,even e-receipts automatically created base on time and materials. marketing- promotion,discount and e-coupon support your business growth.
marketing - promotion,discount and e-coupon support your business growth.
cost accounting - FIFO(First in, First out) for manufactory and trading company business,WAMS(Moving average weighting method)for retail and hospitality.
multi currency - support you to expand your business to cross regional.


setting and testing,get the real result


more open and flexibility to integration

Cloud Point Of Sale

a suit of POS(point of sale) thinking for user,for hyper-marker, Fashion, CVS and F&B

flexible to support changeable business

cloud configure、multi-language,mulit-printer、simple & smart ui、training mode、keyboard & touchscreen、code for drive、logs、membership、discount、coupon using、e-ticket and mix pay.

Cross Platform Support

multi and Mix OS platform and Hardware support to run(Redhat\CentOS\Ubuntu\Aix\Mac OSX, and PAD with IOS/Android



amazing discount

amazing discount rules setup support flexible business operation and promotions

online ticket design so easy

drag or move,you can design your personal ticket easily

Self-checkout Service

better experience,more save